Getting Started - Purchasing a Program

Achieving the different belts can be a very difficult endeavor. We have tried to make the journey a little bit easier for you!
In order to maximize the benefit of this website, please follow the steps below:

1. Select your Belt Video –

  • Note 1: Each Belt Video Program will give you access to all Belt Video Programs below it.
  • Note 2: It is not advisable to purchase Belt Video Plans above your rank. There is not any price benefit to buying the higher Belt Packages
  • Note 3: Kempo Punch Technique Video Packages are not included with Belt Video Packages. They must be purchased separately.

2. Review your Membership Level. Make sure you understand the Price and the Membership Length.

3. Enter Account Information.
We will only use your email address to send homework assignments (more details to follow) and to inform you of any new video updates.

4. Enter your Payment Information.
Note: If you have a Discount Code, please input that code in first and press “Apply.” The appropriate discount will then be credited to your purchase order.

5. Congratulations! You now have access to all the videos to your Belt Program and below.

6. Now, all you need to do is login using your username and password, and you are all set!

Note: You may also login using your Facebook Account