FAQs – Kempo Made Easy

We are counting on your thoughts, suggestions, and comments to help make this website better.  You will see a COMMENTS area at the end of every belt section.  Feel free to login and give whatever constructive feedback you would like. Or if you want to reach us directly, feel free to email us at help@kempomadeeasy.com. Note:  All posted comments will be reviewed before appearing on the thread.  All non-constructive comments will be rejected.  Multiple offenses will result in membership privileges being revoked without refund. Please be thoughtful and courteous with all comments.

You asked and we listened!  We appreciate all the candid feedback we received about having to constantly buy new video series, because of the constant influx of new content.

We are in process of converting our program into a monthly membership program where you will be able to receive the latest and greatest educational videos as they are produced.  No more need to constantly upgrade your video series anymore!  The subscription packages will be released by June of 2020!

We certainly do!  Just like anything, fundamentals are the foundation to any good skill development.  We first wanted to put in the time to develop a robust educational system for fundamentals and for “fundamental-stacked” skills.

We are currently developing our “Weapon Defense” & “Grab Escape” video series.  We anticipate that the series will be out sometime during the Summer of 2020!

YES! During the COVID-19 nationwide shutdown, we were able to prove that satellite teaching is not only possible, but in many ways more efficient!  

Picture this:  You go to your lesson and you learn something new.  You practice with your instructor and you think you have it, but then you go home, and you now aren’t sure about a couple of nuances.  You are hesitant to practice because you aren’t sure you are doing it right, so you wait to go to your next lesson to go over it again.

Now Picture this:  You watch a series of instructional videos ahead of time.  You practice the moves as best you can, and you start to develop questions.  When you see your instructor, he/she can help you fine-tune your technique and you are able to ask more pointed questions to help you with faster development.  You constantly have a reference video when you are practicing to ensure you are doing it right!  Which way seems more efficient to you?

We are currently developing an online class platform to supplement this educational material so that you can work to earn that Black Belt you always dreamed of earning!

This website was created with 3 main goals in mind:

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Convenience
  3. Safety

COST SAVINGS – Let’s face it.  Life isn’t getting any cheaper.  Depending on where you live, the Cost of Living is growing rapidly.  Martial Arts training is worth it in so many ways, but Group Lessons can get pretty crowded, and Private Lessons have become expensive to do with the frequency that would be helpful for development.  One thing we found with students that utilized Kempo Made Easy as a supplement to their Learning/Training routine is that they were able to absorb the concepts to some degree prior to lessons with their instructor.  This made their private and group lessons much more meaningful, and they tended to move faster through their belts.  Whether you use KME as a standalone reference or as a training supplement to live teaching, having the ability to watch how much you want – when you want… and with the ability to pause, replay, and skip to any part of a lesson gives every student the most cost-effective way to excel in this Martial Art!

 CONVENIENCE – This really goes hand-in-hand with the “Cost Savings” reason, because in so many cases, one thing that is more critical to us than money is TIME! 

The Class Times are usually scheduled during the most hectic part of the evening.  Between homework, dinner, chores, or work… there is a lot that has to be accomplished with so little time when you get home from a full day’s work.

Add to that, a 1-hour class is really a 3-hour commitment.  When you add getting ready, driving to the Dojo, doing the class, changing, driving home, and unwinding… you find that most of the evening really gets away from you.  Most of the KME students have raved about the convenience of learning and practicing at a time that was most convenient for them… and having the flexibility to practice how many times you want for as long as you want doesn’t hurt either!

SAFETY – As an individual who has taught in the dojo for many years, the well-being of our students has always been a top priority. Thus, creating the KME platform a few years ago was the perfect way to implement a safer environment for everyone involved. The COVID-19 Pandemic only confirms our need for vigilance when it comes to our health.  There were a lot of benefits with training with people from the dojo.  We were able to practice our techniques on various people of different sizes, and we felt that it was a good bonding experience.  However, the world has become a smaller place.  We may love working out with people, but we don’t know where they have traveled from, who they have been in contact with, or (not meaning to sound too insensitive) what viruses or bacteria they might be carrying.  We may love the feeling of progressing in the Martial Arts, but we must put the safety of us and our loved ones first.  Thankfully with the technology the world has developed, Martial Arts can evolve with the needs of the world.

There was some definite resistance when the website name was first introduced, because Kempo is anything BUT easy!  I agree on how difficult Kempo is, but there were two factors that drove the idea of this website – PASSION and UNDERSTANDING

PASSION – When we are passionate about something, the concepts of difficult or overwhelming just tend to fade away. We can spend hours doing it and not even notice.  Our goal with these videos is to instill or grow the passion within you for this Martial Art, so that hours of training seem like minutes, and the joy of achieving overcomes the toil of repetition!

UNDERSTANDING – In many ways, Passion comes from deep Understanding. We cannot love what we do not understand. Most of us can recall experiences where we had relationships with people who were passionate about something we didn’t really understand.  As we learned more about their passion, we found ourselves getting more excited about it as well.

With this video series, we hope that you will find a deeper understanding in the things you have learned as well as the topics you have yet to learn. We also hope that the excitement we had while filming this might be infectious!