About Us



Master Josh George began his Shaolin Kempo Training in the early 1980’s achieving his Black Belt in 1988.  He subsequently earned his Master Ranking at the Shaolin Temple in China in 2002.

He has been fortunate enough to train directly under Professor Charles Mattera for nearly his entire training history, and he is even more grateful that he has managed to survive Professor Mattera’s unique, intense style of personal training thus far!

Master George dreams of becoming a professional golfer one day, but currently ranking as one of the worst golfers in modern history, he doesn’t anticipate that will happen anytime soon.  In the meantime, he will continue to help train students as much as he can (until the PGA comes calling!)


Master Jeff Kash began his Martial Arts Training in the mid-1990’s achieving his Black Belt in 2001.  He subsequently earned his Master Ranking in 2016.

He is a student of Master Josh George, and he currently teaches at the USSD located in Laguna Beach.  Master Kash has been teaching at that location for over 15 years.

Master Kash, because of his height, is a big fan of kicking people from 20 feet away.  His dislikes are middle seats in coach, the University of Oregon (He is an Oregon State graduate), and poly-unsaturated fats.



Ryan started his training when he was 10 years old, and even though he was told repeatedly by his instructor(s) that he had no talent whatsoever, he managed to persevere and earn his 3rd Degree Black Belt in 2015!  He is currently teaching at the USSD located in Irvine along with his partner in crime… Vlad.


Vlad started his training when he was 4 years old… about the same time he decided to stop cutting his hair.  As it turns out, he (and his hair) have grown tremendously over the years with Vlad achieving his 3rd Degree Black Belt (with Ryan) in 2015.  Vlad is currently teaching at the USSD located in Irvine.


Kyle also began his martial arts training when he was a wee-lad!  He leads a pretty deluded life believing himself to be Captain America – The First Avenger… going so far as to stitch Captain America’s shield to the back of his gi.  Despite this nonsense, Kyle has still developed admirably enough as a martial artist to earn his 3rd Degree Black Belt in 2017!  Kyle is currently teaching at the USSD located in Yorba Linda.


Steve is a true Renaissance Man!  He began his Martial Arts career a little later in life, but in that time, he developed amazing skills in painting and music, and became proficient in a vast array of professions.  Once he stumbled onto Martial Arts training and teaching, he knew he found something that he wanted to dedicate his life to.  Steve passed a particularly grueling Black Belt Test in 2014 and now has his eyes set on 2nd Degree Black Belt!  He is currently teaching at the USSD located in Costa Mesa.


Nate was one of our last, true Thespianstructors… Nate somehow fit the time to pursue his passions for acting, teaching, and training… and somehow be good at all of them!  We were very appreciative that Nate was on the set, because he was very good to educate the instructors on camera etiquette as well as other tricks that somewhat minimized how awkward we felt in front of the camera!  Nate received his 1st Degree Black Belt in 2016.  He used to teach at the USSD in Laguna Beach, but recently left to more completely pursue his acting career.  We wish Nate much luck!