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The goal of this website is threefold:

  1. Educate – Our goal is to provide an easily accessible resource to all students past and present to help teach, remind, and challenge them throughout their Martial Arts journey.
  2. Motivate – Education doesn’t mean anything if the motivation to practice isn’t there. Our goal is to show students what they can accomplish with a great attitude and some consistent work.  Hopefully, these videos can instill the motivation required!
  3. Gather – “Teamwork is Dreamwork!” Building a community of people that can ask questions, provide feedback, and support one another is another indicator to success.  Having a community that is not bound by geography and time, and can contribute to the process of educating and motivating can really take this concept to the next level!


That said, Questions, Comments, and/or Suggestions are crucial to the positive development of this website.  Please feel free to leave comments in any of our COMMENTS Sections, or email us at

Additionally, we have included the phone number of the USSD in Irvine where Sensei Ryan & Sensei Vlad work.  We ask that you do not call them unless you are having technical difficulty with the website, since they both have full teaching schedules.

Phone: 949-551-8660

Contact Us